No Cow Needed is dedicated to providing moist, tasteful dairy & gluten free products to consumers of all types.  Being dairy and/or gluten free can be healthy but it can also be frustrating at times when your health is forcing you and you're left with dry, tasteless foods to eat.  This is how No Cow Needed made their start.

Family members, friends and associates were turning up everywhere, it seemed, whether by choice or not!  They were lacking one thing, however...TASTE!  The foods available were, let's just say, wow!

And then...the Triple Chocolate Cherry Muffin was born!

We have been producing delicious goods for over a year and have had the opportunity to research the market and discovered the growing need for dairy & gluten free products that are worth the purchase!  

We have tested all of our products as well as expanding from muffins to breads, waffles & cakes!

New products are added frequently and new ways to satisfy the changing diets we all face every day.  We believe in giving back to our community!  We recently added a Vegan Style Line and are always updating so check back often!

We  hope you enjoy great taste again and thank you for visiting us!